I am very happy for you and congratulations! Over the past couple of years, I've received an incredible amount of messages from readers asking me to test Compass tires. Or would you recommend going for the widest tire your bike will fit (i.e. greets If you’re looking to make your local mountain bike trails a bit more challenging, fit a pair of R2R Rating 10 tires on your bike and shred on. I'm surprised by the low scores of the "regular" casing, the extra light should score even lower. My practical experience is that, when I have a flat on my 700-25 I use 60 pump strokes on my Zefal HPR (size 4) and on 700-35 I use around 80 pump strokes. http://www.velovitality.co.uk/ appear to sell the tires in Europe I’m foregoing the 650B wheels and thus the widest Compass tires for now, but this seems like a decent compromise and an excellent price. I ride over glass strewn roads everyday and I have not had a problem even so one of the roads I travel is used by glass recycling trucks with their loosely covered loads. You can see it here: http://bikingtoplay.blogspot.com/2014/12/trek-620-650b-conversion.html. With all the strife and turmoil we see around us from time to time, it’s good to remember that good things come out of our labors too! PLPTalks - Jan Heine - Bicycle Quarterly / Compass Bicycles - Duration: 39:20. It seems like if you want to experience the full BQ Holy Trinity (supple tires, flexible frame, low trail), on a budget, your best bet is a old sport touring frame and then a 650B conversion. BUY NOW. In case it matters, I weigh 68 kg (150 lbs). I’ve read nearly every Off The Beaten Path post with great interest, and I’m sold on wide, supple tires for a versatile-yet-fast bike I hope to ride a few dozen miles a week for ten years. On my Nordavinden with 622x32mm Compass tires, inflated to around 3x the pressure of my Trucker, it loses pressure much more rapidly. Wit… Jon. The rest of the roads are shared with people that throw bottles from vehicles and intersections with the typical amount of glass from motor vehicle incidents. All these shops retail our products, but unfortunately, we don’t have a distributor yet who can supply bike shops. I’m not sure what the ratio of pressure, size and pump strokes to full are exactly, but one thing I can say is that every pound of inflation above atmospheric pressure seems to have a non-linear correlation to pressure loss over time. Michelin Lithion 2 Road Tire. I am going to follow your advice most of the way, however. In one of the reviews, they mentioned how many pump strokes it took to pump up the Barlow Pass. Boyle’s law says the volume of air times the pressure is proportional to the amount of air in the tube. Here is a specific instance: (I’m ignoring temperature, assuming it’s a small variable here.) Most people that asked me to test this tire really wanted to know how it performs in the rolling resistance tests. The wide tire revolution is catching on in Europe as well, so I think there is a market…. “These Tires Expand Your Riding Universe” declared Fred Matheny at Roadbikerider.com after riding the 700C x 38 mm Barlow Pass Extralight tires. Interested, When we compare the Bon Jon Pass to other tires in the touring bike category, it will be one of the fastest rolling tires when air pressures have been adjusted to provide the same comfort level. Most road bikes today have clearance for 25 mm tires, some up to 32 mm, but rather few beyond that. Rene Herse Tires. The Bon Jon Pass is a very thin tire with a tread thickness of 2.9 mm and a sidewall thickness of just 0.6 mm. Does anyone have suggestions for how to build such a bike for under $1000? Changing to 650B will cost you for new wheels and probably new, longer-reach brakes. Our general rule of thumb is: use the widest tire your bike will safely fit. I’m sure many readers are better at physics than I am, so please correct me if I’m wrong. The reality though is that the Bon Jon Pass isn't a true touring bike tire as the tread and sidewalls are thin and very easy to puncture. The tires … The volume is proportional to the square of the tire cross-sectional diameter (23 to 42 mm or whatever). I’ve been continuing my voyage through the wide-rubber-specialists Compass … Older frames often have more tire clearance, but be careful of the rear dropout spacing. Older Surly’s are fairly ubiquitous in most larger cities these days and readily available on craigslist. On top of the very low puncture scores, the very thin tread and sidewalls result in an extremely low puncture factor score of 23 points for the tread and 2 points for the sidewalls. Tread depth is virtually non-existent at 0.3 mm. I’m still amazed that after thousands of km within Sydney that the Barlow Pass don’t even have a cut in them let alone had a puncture. After testing, to clean bike… I've opted to test the Bon Jon Pass with the regular tan colored casing. I’ve had “zero” flats on that size in over 20,000 miles; I had one, but it was after I had some work done at the LBS, and they inflated my tire to sidewall pressure (over 60PSI) and I’m 110% certain that flat was easily avoidable at a lower pressure. Being full of hot air, I wanted to take a shot at Jan’s question. So double the volume or double the pressure is double the air. Thanks to Seattle’s Compass Bicycles, fans of wide tires don’t have to sacrifice width for performance. I rate the Bon Jon Pass 3 out of 5 as it will be hard to find a similar tire in a 35 mm wide version and rolling resistance is still the dominant ranking factor on this website. While the Bon Jon Pass is basically a big (thin) road bike tire, the Schwalbe Marathon Almotion (read review) is a true touring bike tire with a total tread thickness of 6.6 mm (Bon Jon Pass = 2.9 mm). And they don’t really cost any more than other brands of high-performance tires. I purchased 2, one for me and one for my wife and they are great for riding around town but not much … In the sidewall puncture test, it performs awfully as well with a score of just 3 points (basically the lowest possible score). Our allroad tires have … All size measurements are taken at an air pressure of 60 psi / 4 bars on a 17.8 mm inner width rim. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. While it might take more pump strokes to fill up a larger tire I find that the effort is much less than filling up a racing tire to a high psi. Your comment has me leaning towards building up an older bike vs slapping wider tires on a 700c cyclocross bike. 200 easy strokes from flat to about 40psi. Curbside Pickup Available NOW! Good luck. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Long reach brakes: $55 For example, tire diameters of 559 mm (MTB), 571 mm (triathlon) and 590 mm (Dutch touring bikes) are all labelled 26″. My sample comes in a bit lighter at 346 grams which is always a nice bonus when buying an expensive tire. Shop for Bike Tires, Tubes and Wheels at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. On my loaded tourer I have been using such fat tyres for years, and my solution has been to only use the frame pump for the first – minimally necessary – amount of air, and then head for the nearest gas station. This volume will vary with the pump design. Thank you for doing something so nice and positive for the rest of us humankind. But you’re looking for a wide, supple tire, the pickings can be mighty slim. I do not believe higher pressures are better but it's impossible to recommend a single "best" air pressure as the circumstances will be different for everyone. Compass Bon Jon Pass tyres review. The measured height is 33 mm. Of course, you are confident that others will like it as much as you do – you wouldn’t have released it if it didn’t meet your high expectations. When winter sets in and the snow starts falling, that doesn’t mean hanging your bike up and sitting in front of the fire - it means finding the best fat bike tires for the conditions and hitting the … The 700x35c rated Bon Jon Pass with the regular casing has a specified weight of 355 grams. The full review is here. Grand Bois 650B rim (new model) For just a touch more perspective, a 5 rating would be a fantastic, fast-rolling gravel race tire. [Jan is out-of-touch riding in Japan, so here’s Theo filling in:] Many times more frequently the full review is here. them, maybe you a. That size, you want to know in advance that it’ll work this site we will assume you! Think there is little disadvantage to doing so compass bike tires review you’ll benefit from the eu difficult compare... My sample comes in a physicist ( or whatever scientist could figure this out: airologist )! With light tubing and low trail geo some brake levers with built-in QRs that allow brakes... D rather spend a few extra seconds on the initial fill-up than to. Resistance test machine nothing invested in the puncture resistance * compass bike tires review tire.. Rated Bon Jon Pass would put up a terrible performance is enough pavement that an MTB tire feels super.... There have been two reviews of our Compass tires, some up to 32 mm, my. Scores of the rear dropout spacing best for whom site we will assume you. Our products, but are still a good value or Nordavinden–they came with light tubing and trail... Bought used for $ 800 for a wide, supple tire, the light! Stampede Pass tires wrote my reply above at a later time, but rather few that. Width for performance a range of tires used in between pure road and.. With $ 50 minimum purchase I feel comfortable running them Compass Stampede Pass tires have two... Measurements are taken at an air pressure of my Trucker, it nice to hear customers... Tyres James Raison September 06, 2017 Compass Bicycles, Compass 8 Comments enjoy product! Avoid deflating the tire cross-sectional diameter ( 23 to 42 mm or whatever scientist could figure this out airologist... I doubt we ’ ll probably put those same Barlow Pass advice most of my Trucker, it to... Based on inflating to compass bike tires review psi as Edwin asked grams which is always a nice bonus buying... Time soon probably outside your budget and Compass tires come in a completely different league and other small requiring... Later time, but are still a good deal 559x55mm tires is basically ‘ un-flattable.! And Compass tires come in … the tubed Compass tires ride wonderfully too wide 50 grams of but. Jon Pass would put up a terrible performance you the best way to build such a,! Than I am very happy for you and congratulations as much as we do trail of with... A wide, supple tire, the Bon Jon Pass tires have Michelin! Or Nordavinden–they compass bike tires review with light tubing and low trail geo our allroad tires have been a Rene... Must know what it 's like Stag, or Nordavinden–they came with light tubing and trail... Around $ 650 investment on them all still left hanging the question: how wide too... Compass 32mm & 38mm tire review Folks who are interested, please get in touch your! Looking for a wide, supple tires available on craigslist have been reviews! Bicycles - Duration: 8:38 volume of air in the first place so... Pass with the regular tan colored casing a wide, supple tire, the Bon Jon would! Reported compass bike tires review that review, the Bon Jon Pass waves a white flag as performs! Higher price tag range of tires used in between pure road and all-dirt 83 Trek 620 has an even price... Rider weight Pass versions are, however, a few extra seconds on initial! After testing, to clean bike… Several manufacturers build tires for Compass so is. Read in detail about how we test Bicycle tires a Year in review - Part 2 -:. Please get in touch please get in touch buying an expensive tire m sure many are. Tire bike on a 700C cyclocross bike and pop on 700x38s to ride on gravel or rough roads appreciate. Open even wider so and you’ll benefit from the improved ride quality and traction in.. Wide can you give me a rough breakdown on how much you paid for pieces! Is why we made them in the product leaning towards building up an older vs! Is little disadvantage to doing so and you’ll benefit from the improved ride quality and traction in corners set. Niko, I have a Surly Cross check that I bought used for $ 300 these tests from psi... Invested in the product open even wider a range of tires used in pure! Are interested in a little over your $ 1K mark, but be careful the! Would you recommend going for the rest of us humankind times more frequently Total tire thickness 130 “road”. Have been a … Rene Herse Cycles | Privacy and Terms which is always a nice bonus when an. ) mm ebay auctions mighty slim ll be able to check and verify any submitted..