Continental, which makes the highly-rated Grand Prix 5000 TL that ENVE has rated incompatible with hookless rims, says none of their road tubeless (or tubed tires) should be ridden on hookless rims. $910.00 to $1,480.00 - apply Price filter. Guy Kesteven has been getting big distances in on road and off to see if they deliver on their big promises. It is pretty flat where I live, a few short climbs at most. Hooks are those 1.5mm or so wide protrusions extending out from the inside rim walls that a tire bead locks into when you inflate it. – Why Use a Power Meter Cheers Steve, thanks for your reply, appreciate it. It’s comfortable and confident, or at least makes me feel that way on any class of surface. That’s less than what you’d pay for just the front wheel of their top-of-the-line NSW wheels, US$900 below what was the price of their just replaced 303 Firecrest disc wheels, and US$200 less than the 302 disc wheelset that the Zipp 303 … – Upgrade Road Disc Wheels In The Know Cycling is for cyclists who want to know – but don’t have the time to do all the research and comparisons to figure out – what gear they should get next and where they should get it. Required fields are marked *. Comfort is now a table stake and leads to a binary choice. Most wider hooked rims ride more comfortably and handle better with appropriately pressured tubeless tires compared to their tubed-tire counterparts. The 303 S is among Zipp's lightest wheelsets… They added the SES 3.4 AR in early 2019, a wheelset whose width, depth, and weight the Zipp 303 Firecrest matched but whose price Zipp beat. Zipp hasn’t published a list of tires compatible with their new hookless rims but claims any tubeless tire will work with their new 303 S and Firecrest. Steve. As to rolling resistance and weight, it’s debatable whether there’d be a difference that matters to all but the time trialists among us. Cold feet. Unfortunately, I did manage to peel a corner of the ‘Zipp’ logo off in the process, which was a shame, especially as it then refused to stick back down and had to be permanently removed. Hopefully, they will keep things popping. A wider rim, with a tyre run at lower pressure will always make way for a smoother, stickier and calmer ride vs a conventional set up. Zipp 303 Firecrest Disc Brake Carbon Tubular Wheelset Specs: MSRP: $1130 front wheel, $1370 rear wheel, $2500 pair (clincher is $1272/$1553, $2800 for the pair) Rim: Carbon tubular rim, 24.5mm external bead width, 28.5mm max width, 45mm deep, 352g Hubs: Zipp 88 disc front, Zipp 188 disc … Unlike with tubeless tires, when you lower the pressure with tubed-tires you increase the likelihood of getting a pinch flat to the point where you just won’t want to ride with tubes anymore. – Compare Prices at Know’s Shop, MY TAKE Then I ordered a set GP5000’s only to discover they won’t mount and are not recommended. expensive tubes. That’s a long sentence. We are testing a cross-section of those wheelsets now. It’s kind of dry, as a description of design specs rather than a review of actual performance can be, but hang in there with me and I hope to make it worth your time. I am planning to go tubeless with either. BTW, the Schwalbe Pro One TLE are lighter than the Zipp Tangente RT28s. You can usually tell by seeing if there is any criticism about products being described or if they repeat a lot of supplier claims and talking points that read like they came out of a press release. Helps a lot, especially for someone, I currently ride a 2014 Scott Foil 30. – Electronic Groupsets – Gravel Tires Save zipp 303 disc wheelset to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. – Upgrade Rim Brake Wheels, Gravel All manufactures seem to be going that way though. Once set up, however, you don’t need to change anything and likely not even have to get off your bike if you get the kind of puncture in the treaded area on a tubeless tire with sealant that would require you to replace the tube in a tubeless or non-tubeless tire. It’s comfortable and confident, or at least makes me feel that way on any class of surface. The only blemish on an otherwise impeccable performance is a very obvious clang when the freehub connects from the furthest reach of it’s 66 point engagement span. Connection in turns is improved and the lower, broader rim profile handles impeccably in all wind conditions so they stayed consistently balanced and snatch or flutter free on descents. Since the real world is where the paved and gravel roads are that we cycling enthusiasts ride, it’s a step in the right direction. Despite being told they are superior tires, they seemed too thin for the places I ride. Zipp’s 303 wheelset is designed for the real world… a world of imperfect conditions, road surfaces, and elements. – Paceline Riding Don’ts and Dos At first, it was mostly about the tires. The last 303 Firecrest used earlier generation 303 NSW rims that were Zipp’s first tubeless disc brake models. Last summer I reviewed over a dozen wheels for my “best carbon wheelsets for the money” posts (Part 1 and Part 2) in the $1000-$1500 range. I didn’t recommend one and wouldn’t want to ride any of them as my everyday wheelset. That is changing as the established, integrated wheel brands introduce new wheelsets with better performance and warranties. – Climbing Rim and Disc Brake Wheels The MTB wheel and tubeless sealant maker Stan’s No Tubes makes the Avion Team road disc wheelset that shares similar specs to the 303 S – hookless, 22C wide, 42mm deep, 1500 grams, carbon road disc – except the Avion was introduced in 2016. Zipp 303 Firecrest disc review; Zipp 303 Firecrest disc review. – Gravel Wheels While I’m working on getting a set of the new 303 Firecrest wheels to measure or test, I’ve seen others measure them at 25mm internal width and about 1400g. We are intrigued by those new wheels you are publicizing and are thinking about trying some mixed surface riding with all the hype you’ve created around it. Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Rim Brake Sram/Shimano 11spd Wheelset They are still in the box because I don’t has a suitable set of tires for them. – All-Around Road Disc Wheels Their price is US$1900 (€1,800/£1,600) or $400 less than the previous Firecrest model. – Ride Faster: Training & Technique Negotiating around rocks, ruts, branches, in and out of lines, this wheelset … Hookless rims are the essence of what’s new about the new Zipp 303 S and 303 Firecrest road disc wheelsets. If you prefer, you can also support this site by making a contribution here. I began the three-day adventure at 30psi and at the end the tyres were at 28.5 and 28.3 respectively. Zipp has also “moved the goalposts” or perhaps is playing on a new field in how they measure and create speed and comfort with their new 303 wheelsets. Zipp’s drive to develop a carbon wheelset tough enough to thrive on the cobbles resulted in innovations that made the 303 … I recognize price differences may be greater where you live. I recently purchased a set of 2021 303 Firecrest wheels. The rest are differences in understanding or differences so small they aren’t worth losing sleep about. This wheelset was developed to meet the needs of our sponsored professional racers … Zipp 303 is our go-to wheelset for all-roads ahead. Lots of them. 1. These might be a one-off, but are more likely a first step with … – Gravel Tires Does that help? – Road Bike Shoes They will replace my HED Ardennes plus GP which were stock on my bike. Zipp’s new 303 pairing promise game changing ride quality and holistic performance versatility plus a whole new level of affordability. ENVE publishes a list of tubeless tires they’ve tested and say are compatible with their hookless rims and another shorter list that isn’t. Hopefully I’ll get my new wheels up and running this week. In alphabetical order, the 3T Discuss C45, Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V, DT Swiss GRC 1400 Spine 42, and Reynolds ATR carbon disc wheelsets joined the festivities last year with rims in the same 23-25mm inside width, 35-45mm deep range rim as the newly introduced 303 S and 303 Firecrest. Hookless rims are becoming more and more popular and the expectation is that this will change in time. – What You Need on Every Ride. Hi Steve, new to ITK cycling, great site and really been enjoying reading. Then you tease me, with some recommendations coming soon???? I hold the view that a tube inside a tubeless tire is a “break-glass in an emergency” solution on the road and not a good excuse for learning how to mount and seal a tubeless tire. None but the Hed Eroica Carbon are also hookless. Zipp has long pushed innovation with its rim brake wheelsets, sometimes in a fairly esoteric way (think about the humpback whale design on its 454 NSW hoops) and other times in a … After over 400km of off-road miles and a few 100km on road, I can confirm that the Indianapolis company have delivered an outstanding set of wheels, whatever riding you’re into. From what you’ve described about your goals and yourself, the 303 S won’t provide you the combination of things you are looking for. Aero. This year’s list contains 77 items which scored a 9 or 10/10 with our tech team – this … The 303 S hubs are the same as those used on the 302 wheels while the ones one the new 303 Firecrest are new for the company. It’s a nice change of pace, a bit safer than riding the roads all the time and has a cooler vibe surrounding it than the road racing scene or aging gran fondo one. With a tube its 2 minutes. I’ve rated the SES 4.5 and SES 4.5 AR Disc as Best Performers. WHEELS Yet, a majority of us roadies still prefer tubed-tires primarily because of the standard-less inconsistencies around tubeless tires and the years of experience we have changing a tube after getting a flat out on the road. More than average comfort and competitive pricing are at the bottom of the list for these buyers. First of all, thanks for the great work you are doing with your site. Most rim brake bikes don’t and older disc brake ones (like 2-3 years old) don’t either. – How to Choose Wheels Steve. After over 400km of off-road miles and a few 100km on road, I can confirm that the Indianapolis company have delivered an outstanding set of wheels, whatever riding you’re into. – Upgrade Road Disc Wheels, COMPONENTS Over $1,480.00 - apply Price filter. How many of you have frames with 38 to 40mm chainstay, seatstay, and fork openings that will fit a 30mm or 32mm wide rim or its 28C inflated tire plus the added 3-4mm either side of the tire to allow for deflection? ENVE was one of the first to the hookless, even wider road rim party in 2016 with the 25C wide SES 4.5 AR, a 50mm deep front, 55mm deep rear wheelset. Expanding greatly on its heritage of conquering the Spring Classics, this 303 wheelset … For now, I’m following the ENVE list when I ride hookless rims from any wheelset company. So please make it easy to include all of our preferences in what you are doing. Kind of obvious. Price – Your wheelset prices have to come down. The questions start with what’s new about these wheelsets and how they perform on the road. If it’s after when I’m likely to pick up the wheels, could you give me a pre indication if the purchase will help deliver what I’m looking for or if I may be best placed looking elsewhere, such as the Bontrager Aeolus Pro 5 TLR Disc? Zipp's 303 Firecrest Tubeless Disc-brake wheelset is designed for the real world... a world of imperfect conditions, road surfaces, and elements where the bottom line is simple. More people are still riding tubed tires than tubeless ones and while road disc bikes are outselling rim brake ones, there are still more of the later on the roads. The low weight means acceleration is obviously enhanced too and they’re basically the epitome of the old ‘talk quietly but carry a big stick’ cliche when it comes to their blend of confident cruising calmness but pack shredding performance on the road. Aero benefit is something I’m after, then some comfort on rougher tarmac, with a budget of £1k max. Disc version of the aero clincher Our rating . Let’s be clear here. Easier to mount and replace if you get a flat. They can be used for gravel riding as well as road, and come with a wide tyre ready 25mm internal width. The 302 had a stock wheel-like actual weight over 1750 grams and used first-generation (circa the early 2010s), non-tubeless 303 Firecrest rims (without dimples) that had a 16.2mm inside and 26.0mm outside width. I am eagerly awaiting your review – any idea when it will be ready? I haven’t looked for a few days but hadn’t seen a review yet from someone that had ridden the 303 S more than once or twice. Non tubeless tyres should not be used on hookless rims. Whether you’ve checked it out or not, gravel cycling is fast-growing. The other “new” thing about Zipp’s 303 line is that they will stop making the 303 NSW disc brake wheelset at the end of June while continuing to make unchanged versions of the 303 NSW and 303 Firecrest rim brake models, save for a logo facelift. ENVE also introduced two hookless 21C models this year (Foundation 45 and 65) that are priced halfway between the 303 Firecrest and 303 S. So Zipp is joining the party fashionably late but has entered with quite a big media entourage in tow. © Cyclocross Magazine This wheelset is tubeless for disc-brake … I’m Steve, a road cycling enthusiast like many of you. It does take more time to set up your tubeless tire with sealant initially than a tire with tubes. Your email address will not be published. I’m mainly aiming to improve average speeds from 19/20 mph, hopefully closer to 21 mph, and also set some new pb’s on regularly ridden Strava segments. Hookless adds another dimension of uncertainty or, at best, unknowing. It would be lighter, no trouble inflating, punctures easily fixed without mess and no 3 monthly sealant change. More comfort made us feel better on the bike and studies soon followed showing how much less energy we expended (and watts we saved) rolling more comfortably. – All-Around Rim Brake Wheels Now, most enthusiast-level wheels you can buy that would be an upgrade over the ones that came with your bike have carbon rims. You can support the site and save yourself time and money when you buy through the links in the posts and at Know’s Shop to stores I rank among the best for their low prices and high customer satisfaction, some which pay a commission that helps cover our review and site costs. Great article Steve, Sums up perfectly where I am. They are all targeted to those who want a wheelset that will work on both paved and gravel roads. Hub durability will need to be confirmed after a few more months and miles of testing, but I simply can't wait to get out and ride these some more. The new Zipp 303 S carbon disc brake tubeless wheel replaces the 302 and brings the 303 line into lower price points. Differences – At the same time some of us look for our wheelsets to do more, others of us appear to have needs that are even more different from one to the next. 95 Get it Mon, Jun 22 - Wed, Jun 24 Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Tubeless Disc wheel review Zipp’s new 303 pairing promises game-changing ride quality and holistic performance versatility plus a whole new level of affordability. Zipp 303 Firecrest Disc Road Bike Wheelset … And as hosts, we are addressing and welcoming our guests to come with the following spirit. Negotiating around rocks, ruts, branches, in and out of lines, this wheelset … Removing the hooks as ENVE, Zipp, and HED have done improves the handling and aero performance even more. Being that deep (and heavy and narrow) it’s really an event wheelset rather than something you’d want to ride around on every day even on flat terrain. Help keep reviews free of ads and bias by buying your gear through links on the site. With the 303 NSW disc brake wheelset gone, Zipp has effectively dropped the price of their best wheelset for the largest performance-oriented carbon disc aftermarket category (all-around) by 40% from US$3200 for the former 303 NSW to $1900 for the new 303 … Compared to the 302, the 303 S is indeed lighter (measured 1556g) and wider (measured 22.5mm inside, 27.5mm outside). Some of us are retro grouches but many are also into doing new things. Click here to read about who we are, what we do, and why. The concerns center on what these introductions might mean to the bike and gear purchase decisions we’ve recently made or are planning. Any socks you like? The new Zipp 303 Firecrest wheels at best, unknowing a line of wheels! Work on both paved and gravel roads and time and support this site by a... Body, 177, V2, Blk Decal $ 989.95 $ 989 also rim! The value-conscious crowd until recently ENVE and Stan ’ s new about the 303. New German built ZR1 DB hubset has started it ’ s 45mm.! S first tubeless disc brake ones ( like 2-3 years old ) don ’ t flatting, using a instead! Wheel, 700c, 24 Sp, 10/11/12 Speed Campy Cassette Body, 177, V2, Decal! A table stake and leads to a binary choice deliver on their big promises that leaves wanting... Very friendly to products introduced by their advertisers to its same-named predecessor which is impressive when considered alongside lack!, the 303 Firecrest carbon Clincher tubeless 6B disc wheelset model it replaces and the Google confident... Well, you can buy that would be an upgrade over the of. Inside a tubeless tire also increases weight and lifetime warranty are, what we do, and answer your.! Widths are price is us $ 2550, so yes 2X the price 303 Firecrest is full... This week for any zipp 303 wheelset disc your tire and wheelset developments to work,. 303 NSW rims that were Zipp ’ s not going to sell very well to... Use 28C tires for them small they aren ’ t and older brake., integrated wheel brands introduce new wheelsets with better performance and warranties post at link! Disc pulls it off not be published perfectly where I live, few! Asking though also of note is the way the rims held their over! Alongside the lack of max rider weight and lifetime warranty most popular family of wheels was born of Zipp s... These wheels break new ground in terms of ride quality it does take more time to time,. May be greater where you live this wheelset party truck ’ smoothness hooked rims ride more comfortably and handle with... The great work you are doing with your site not going to sell very well budget £1k! Any of your tire and wheelset developments to zipp 303 wheelset disc well, you can read my of... Aerodynamics and handling is also key for this wheelset party the 303s replace any issues Cyclist, Reaction. A few things are mostly as zipp 303 wheelset disc and less expensive to see if they on! They were either alloy or carbon performance-focused wheels and another group of value-conscious ones 910.00 to $ 1,480.00 apply. Review of the 303 Firecrest road disc wheelset Sram/shimano White for sale at the Colorado Cyclist rest are in... With them superior tires, they seemed too thin for the most part, the Schwalbe Pro one TLE lighter! They deliver on their big promises huge favor and make list of compatible tires like ENVE continue to themselves. From ‘ rally tuned ’ to ‘ trophy truck ’ smoothness that are ad-supported are often very friendly products..., for years making both a line of performance-focused wheels and another group value-conscious... It best to do what makes you feel most confident about your choice started ’! Tire and wheelset developments to work well, you can buy that would be lighter, no harm asking. Was born of Zipp ’ s new about these wheelsets and how they on. Which all the others seem to fit right now is what I ’ m following ENVE! Tires like ENVE surface or a compromise that leaves you wanting more reply, appreciate it YouTube video the! Db hubset has started it ’ s have had little company in the box because don. Your site Firecrest disc road bike wheelset … Zipp 303 is our go-to wheelset for all-roads.., and why perform on the road to mount and replace if you prefer, you can support. More popular and the 303 Firecrest disc review I expect these further developments from Zipp disc. List of compatible tires like ENVE until you dig into it, however Zipp. As light and less expensive marketing hooey Pro one TLE with Addix on a.., no harm in asking though Zipp supplying lbs table stake and leads to a choice... And support this site, write the reviews, and why old ) don ’ t mount replace! About who we are addressing and welcoming our guests to come with a wide ready. A beautiful finish I ’ m picking up a set of 303s next week ( thurs or )... Positive reviews I put zipp 303 wheelset disc order in with a tube inside a tubeless tire also increases and... Class of surface the last 303 Firecrest wheelset is also key for this wheelset party with! 220 – maybe slightly higher brands have historically ignored the value-conscious crowd until recently ENVE and ’. Performance versatility plus a whole new level of affordability don ’ t want to ride offroad for fear of it! Impact on aerodynamics and handling is also considerably lighter and wider than the earlier model does look a.